Alper is the director of Slides35 Communications, a training and consulting company specialized in optimizing the communication of complex data and ambitious projects; with offices in Istanbul, the United States and Barcelona. He works with multinational companies like Samsung, Novartis, Microsoft, and HP.

Additionally, Alper supports founders of emerging companies in search of external funds to grow; improving their communication (both the content and the way of presenting). Alper ensures that his clients' presentations stand out from the crowd, bringing more than 10 years of experience in creative design and visual communication with a focus on 3 key areas:

1) Content: How to create content that generates interest in investors.

2) Design: How to design attractive and efficient slides.

3) Delivery: How to speak and communicate to investors in a compelling and persuasive way.

As a communication expert and startup investor, he brings perspectives from both sides of the table by participating in different investment rounds.



Matt's the content guy. He's going to focus on your messaging strategy, helping you decide which message is going to resonate most with the particular investors you're targeting, and how best to frame that message.

Matt is a Californian who lives in Istanbul. He is passionate about speaking to groups, and especially about responding to their questions. What he loves almost as much is hiking in the mountains, going to the movies, and eating “kaşarlı köfte.” If he could do all four things at one time, he would probably explode from happiness.

He began his professional life managing inventory levels for wholesale import companies and forecasting labor costs for national retail chains. Since 2006, he has been teaching professionals how to present themselves and their companies better. His clients work for companies like Turkcell, Microsoft, HP, 3M, and P&G.

Matt studied Chinese history at the University of Chicago. He has traveled to 22 countries and lived on three different continents.

In 2013 he finished a 2.100 kilometer walk across Turkey, which he did primarily "because it needed to be done, and not a lot of people do it." The walk took him 7-1/2 months. It was profiled on television stations and in magazines, and Matt wrote a book about it.