Strategic Communication Programs

From everyday business presentations to world-changing speeches, you deliver an idea and ask the audience to get informed about it, embrace it and hopefully act upon it. The strength of the bond you establish with your audience will determine the outcome of your efforts.

By becoming a more effective communicator, give your audience the pleasure to bask in your ideas and be a part of the change you lead.


Sales Oriented
Communication Program

The program is specifically tailored to active sales professionals.

The program starts with a short session of group discussion, raising common issues faced during client visits. In a two-way discussion, we analyse the specific dynamics and challenges the participants face during their client visits and troubleshoot communication issues.

The educational content focuses on three key areas for an effective sales presentation:

  1. Generate Content Inline With Your Audience’s Needs
  2. Design Slides for Easy and Fast Delivery
  3. Acquire Persuasive Communication Skills

Marketing Oriented
Communication Program

The program is specifically tailored to active marketing professionals and brand managers.

You probably receive vast amounts of data from various researches. But how will you turn all that information into compelling presentations for your audience to take action? This program enables marketing professionals create easy to understand presentations that they usually deliver to key decision makers.

Curriculum primarily covers the following areas:

  1. Forecast Potential Resistance in Advance
  2. Harness Raw Data into Impactful and Actionable Messages
  3. Simplify Your Message by Eliminating Jargon
  4. Bring Analytics and Emotions Together for Maximum Effect

Impactful Visual
Communication Program

The program is suitable for all parties interested in mastering their presentation skills and persuading their audience with compelling visuals. All participants will be required to create and deliver multiple presentations during the program. 

Curriculum is shaped around these three main areas:

  1. Generate Impactful Content
  2. Design Attractive and Creative Slides
  3. Acquire Effective Communication Skills