Investor Presentations

For years, one of our clients had been using the same presentation in its meetings with investors. The numbers were updated each quarter, but the presentation stayed fundamentally the same.

Prospectus Design

One of our portfolio management clients was looking to expand their business internationally. Their existing prospectuses worked very well in their local market, but they would need an updated look for the new ones.

Product / Service Launch Events

One of our clients would take part in a day-long event, sharing the stage with 8 other competing vendors. The audience comprised of 7.000 salespeople, and it was crucial to differentiate and and stay on their mind. Weeks of work together led to an original story that resonated with the audience, and was accompanied with stunning graphics.

Slide Design Portfolio

Here you will see a number of examples from our client works. For client privacy, all data have been replaced and logos have been removed.

Clients We Have Worked With